Monetas is the second-largest planet of our, as-of-yet, unexplored and unnamed universe. Monetas’ surface is made up of two major sections, nearly halving the planet; The Dust, and The Salt. The Dust is a massive, sparsely populated continent that occupies nearly all of the western hemisphere of Monetas, while The Salt is the name given to the leagues of ocean that stretch across the rest of the continent.

Scattered across The Salt are hundreds of islands of small-to-medium size, that have broken off of The Dust throughout history. More information on this and Monetas to be posted soon.

The Salt was once nothing but ocean, with absolutely no end, from one side to the other. The tectonic plates slowly started to drift islands further and further out.
(One larger-ish continent, that seems to be the ‘main’ hub continent, was the first to float out, and was large enough to populate that hemisphere. But that island slowly started breaking apart as well, to become smaller. Timeline?

Small polar ice caps


The Salt Rebop